Why Litigation Capital Protection Insurance?

Deploy litigation capital with confidence.

Litigation Capital Protection Insurance enables litigation funders and law firms to deploy capital for pending and future litigation, with the assurance that their underlying investment will be protected if the portfolio does not perform as expected.

Improve access to justice for litigants.

With Litigation Capital Protection Insurance, if a portfolio of litigation assets does not generate the agreed return on capital employed by a specified date, Ignite's policy will cover the deficit. The result: a greater influx of appropriately priced capital to fund meritorious legal disputes.

Unlock a wider pool of potential investment partners.

Litigation Capital Protection Insurance can facilitate the acquisition of an investment grade rating for a specific portfolio of litigation assets, unlocking the litigation asset class for traditionally risk-averse investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies.

Tap into a smart, customized product designed for the specialized needs of the US legal sector.

Litigation funders and law firms count on Ignite’s extensive underwriting talent and deep understanding of the legal sector to address the unique complexities of today’s litigation challenges.

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