Experts in Litigation Risk Transfer

Transforming the litigation asset class with customized investment risk transfer strategies.


Operating at the intersection of the insurance, investment, and legal communities, Ignite Specialty Risk is a litigation specialist program administrator. We offer deep expertise and risk mitigation solutions for plaintiffs, law firms, litigation funders, and other investors.

Architects of Confidence

Litigation funders and law firms count on Ignite Specialty Risk to provide the catalyst for capital efficiency, reshaping the future of litigation funding and the US legal sector.

Ignite positions itself at the core of the litigation investment class as the architect of insurance solutions for those looking to de-risk litigation and confidently pursue justice. 

Tailored solutions for optimal capital structures

Ignite’s Litigation Capital Protection Insurance policy safeguards a portfolio of litigation investment assets, offering litigation funders and law firms the assurance that if their portfolios do not perform as expected, their underlying investment will be protected.  

Through uniquely structured risk transfer, Litigation Capital Protection Insurance affords funders and law firms the opportunity to unlock a wider pool of potential investment partners and more attractively priced capital to achieve their goals. 

Ignite is backed by a panel of AM Best A- (Excellent) rated capacity

Commitment from our panel of A- Rated capacity providers ensures long-term stability and sustainability, instilling confidence to the insured whilst delivering market-beating underwriting results.

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